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Urban Dance Squad - Grifter swifter

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The captain wasn't the captain, to begin with
   Beggin' for orders
   To reach unfamiliar borders,
   When the ship starts sinkin'
   It is wishful thinkin'
   To separate the mice from the men
   Spit and polish shoes
   Lose again
   Perpetual noose, my friend
   Again and again
   Rise like a phoenix, always, rise like a phoenix
   I'm a doberman pinscher
   Waiting to take over
   Growl, howl, foul
   On the messengers and chauffeurs
   Too late to take these fangs
   Insubordination claims the rank
   I place the bet, you won the litter
   I want my food I'm no quitter
   Your salary is safe, jump from the path I paved
   Chuckle, break the shackle
   Ransack all
   That are far from the slaves

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