Urban Dance Squad - Demagogue

Tekst piosenki:

I kick the music so hard
   People get injuries
   Step to me, be a big stitch mc
   Lyrics I chop, kick skills like jacky chan
   Many props, loot, gladly pay the tax man
   Flex plans, leave bodybags full o' men
   Kick a tune like a can
   Scratch heads with stray cat
   I'm steady shapin' on these apes
   Plus the squad took some time off, with the wild funk
   So what ?
   You figure, you bigger when you fill the void
   I got the stacks to check yo head
   Like the beasty boys
   I heard your airplay 'n tracks,
   Bullshit 'n flack, men on stage,
   Pamper trainers lacked,
   Droppin' voodoo on doo doo
   I'm mad defiant cuttin' armchairs with knives
   Airplay keep tryin', foolin' the flock,
   What up ?, I'm straight up sleepin' skeletons
   With microphones, who's grimreapin'
   It's the demagogue
   It's the demagogue
   Hear the demagogue, funky demagogue
   Look and learn with the demagogue
   Six six six clone take a pick,
   Snail bits, fail as dish
   I eat galactic, poltergeist plus heist,
   Plus I rip shit
   Weak minds say rhymes combined with crucifix
   Chairs go up, hair go up, fleas fall over
   Ego puffed ?, watch me go off !
   Doper with flair, deliver trauma 'n nightmare
   You duck with hunchback as I punch back
   With rap bat dust
   'N bust off antique metaphore
   Jurassic park raw, I'm carnivore,
   You omnivore, I flow fat on tracks,
   Like kids called fat joe
   Lyrics on diet, when you tried on wax so bogus
   I focus, play hocus-pocus,
   Yo homes, I plague domes like locust,
   Mc's cup ear, better hear some authority
   Lyrical gestapo, introducin' tha majority
   Wanna see a joke, check a look-a-like
   Wanna see a joke, check a look-a-like
   Wanna see a joke, check a look-a-like
   Lyrical mass I bash 'n flex it
   Perfect bionic atomic,
   When germs hit styles not really matched up
   In atmosphere rags pushed 'n dressed up
   Shoot missiles that sizzle, carve scars on yo
   Rhymes take off like planes from la guardia
   I stand solid on bedrock, called new york,
   You gotz beef ? I eat it with knife 'n fork
   Foul like a pig on a bum
   Beggin' for some knight stick to lyric
   Billy-clubbin' 'em, now oh' what look up !
   See what yo took up !
   Weak raps make no bail, you keep booked up
   Mc's learn quick, the kid wears no badge
   Stupid brain, restrain, with plasters 'n padge
   Now give me room, watch me bloom like kurt cobain
   Attract a million ears, make 'em all insane

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