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Undertones - You stand so close

Tekst piosenki:

If its a fact some thing won't ever change
   Will your super V's remain the same
   I don't care if you won't care
   You stand so close - but you're never there
   You break my heart but you confess you do
   So who can I send the pieces to
   I don't care ...
   You deliberately made a fool of me
   You gave no excuse so what's the use of you
   I know you won't wait cos its always too late
   I know you won't wait for me to return
   It takes more or less that's made of us
   With piety must we pretend
   What could be has gone again
   I don't care ...
   If I've been good you never tell me so
   With love like that I'll never know
   I don't care ...

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