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Undertones - What's with Terry

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We begin the sad tale when Terry was young
   When Enid Blyton proved lots of fun
   But his vision didn't dim his adventurous nights
   He read the Secret Seven under artificial lights
   Oh dear what's with Terry
   Oh dear its not right
   The local girls are not so pretty
   But they all look the same through Terry's sight
   Then came the day Terry always did dread
   Christmas had come a present lay on his bed
   A Johnny 7 or a cuddly toy ?
   No harm them glasses fit for a boy
   Oh dear what's ...
   Wearing glasses never became the craze
   So the years they passed in a hazy daze
   Even at matches he'd shout and roar
   Pretending he'd seen another George Best goal
   Being Joe 90 has proved a success
   But he's no Clark Gable never the less
   They found the answer to this classic case
   It wasn't the glasses its his horrible face
   Oh dear what's ...

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