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Undertones - She's a runaround

Tekst piosenki:

She doesn't know what she's feeling inside
   She'll never get what she's never had
   She wants to leave home but she can't get away
   Always on her own every single day
   Cos she's a run-around - what a total disaster
   She's a run-around - she's got nothing to do
   She's a run-around - doesn't know what she's after
   She's a run-around - she hasn't a clue
   She wishes she could live in a world of her own
   Go someplace where she's not known
   There's no more her to do any good
   Can't get the satisfaction she wishes she could
   Cos she's a run-around ...
   She doesn't know what she's feeling inside ...
   Cos she's a run-around ...

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