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Undertones - I can only give you everything

Tekst piosenki:

I can't give you more than what I've got
   I can't expect to give what I have not
   I can only give you loving til the sun goes down
   And until the leaves of summer turn to shades of brown
   I try and I try
   But baby - you know that I
   Can only give you everything
   I can't argue with you to understand
   Cos after all I am just a man
   And you are on my mind
   When stars appear and shadows fall
   And when ever little flower goes
   And and no buds call
   I try ...
   I'll do anything you want me to do
   Cos I don't want to know there's life without you
   Don't ever go and leave me in this world alone
   I'd be like a child if I was on my own
   I try ...
   Everything baby
   A little bit of this
   A little bit of that
   And everything

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