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Undertones - Boys will be boys

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Boys - John's gone he's left on a bus
   Will be boys - In a hurry he's forgotten about us
   Boys - Even Billy's getting confused
   Will be boys - He's got the girl now he's nothing to loose
   Oh Boy
   Boys - Its all over and never again
   Will be boys - To be a confrontation like there was just then
   Boys - One girl in the neighbourhood
   Will be boys - Two boys and one's no good
   Oh Boy
   Boys - will be boys
   Boys - I wanna dance I wanna dance with you
   Will be boys - Take you home and kiss you to
   Boys - Go steady and show you around
   Will be boys - maybe tomorrow we can go downtown
   Oh Boy
   Boys - This time is my first time to
   Will be boys - I never thought it with a girl like you
   Boys - Its not what I expected but I don't care
   Will be boys - Its a genuine teenage love affair
   Oh Boy
   Boys - will be boys

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