Teksty piosenek / U / Ultimate Fakebook

  All The New Poisons

  A Million Hearts

  Before You Leave

  Brokyn Needle

  Circus Horrors

  Combat Fatigue

  Diamond Ring


  Downstairs/Arena Rock

  Downstairs/Arena Rock

  Far, Far Away

  Far, Far Away

  Forever, Forever

  Girl, Here's Another Lie

  Girl here's another lie

  Glitter & Glue

  Goddam dance craze

  Goddamn Dance Craze

  Having Too Much Fun

  I'm All Out Of It Now

  Inside Me, Inside You

  Liferaft Halo

  Little Apple Girl

  Of Course We Will

  Perfect Hair

  Popscotch Party Rock

  Real Drums

  Red Elbows


  Roll (Electric Kissing Parties Pt. 1)

  She Don't Even Know My Name

  Silver Date

  Soaked In Cinnamon

  Tell Me What You Want

  The Scheme To Listen No More

  This Will Be Laughing Week


  When I'm With You, I'm Ok

  Wrestling Leap Year

  You Won't See Us

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