Teksty piosenek / T / Twiztid

  1st Day Out '98

  2nd Hand Smoke

  4 Thoze Of U

  4 Thoze of us

  85 Bucks An Hour

  Afraid Of Me

  Ain't A Damned Thing Changed

  All I Ever Wanted


  Anotha Smoke Break

  Bad Dream




  Bobby's Dad

  Broken Wingz

  Bury Me Alive

  Call Me






  Dirty Lil' Girl

  Do You Really Know?

  Dr. Jeckyl & Mr. Bones

  Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Bones

  Drunken ninja master



  Everybody Diez

  Fall Apart

  Fat Kidz


  Frankenstein (remix)

  Freek show


  Fuck on the 1st date

  Gats ready

  Home bound


  Hound Dogs

  How Does It Feel?


  I Could

  I Don't Care

  I'm Alright

  I'm The Only One


  I remember

  I Wanna Be...

  Juggalo party

  Leave Me Alone

  Leff Field

  Liquid friend

  Maniac Killa

  Marsh Lagoon

  Meat Cleaver


  Murder, Murder, Murder

  Mutant X


  No comarison

  On The Other End

  People Are Strange

  Put It Down (Blaze)



  Renditions Of Reality

  Rock The Dead

  Second hand smoke

  Serial Killa

  She Ain't Afraid


  Smoke Break

  Somebody's Dissin' U

  Something Wierd


  Spin The Bottle

  Tha world is hell

  The Green Book

  The marsh lagoon

  The world

  The World Is Hell

  Through Your Eyez

  Trough ur eyez

  Twiztid (Intro)

  U Don't Wanna B Like Me


  We Don't Die


  Whatthefuck!?!? (Extra Crispy Mix)

  Whatz That!?!

  Where Itz Goin' Down

  White Trash Wit Tat-2's

  Why the children

  Wondering Why?


  Wut Tha Dead Like

  Wut the dead like

  Your The Reazon

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