Teksty piosenek / T / Tweenies

  Ahoy there me hearties

  All aboard


  A rhyme for orange

  A sailor went to sea

  Away in a manger

  Bean bag beans

  Because we're friends

  Big tall jake

  Billy worm

  Boom boogie

  Boom boom

  Bucket, cup and spoon


  Camping camping

  Can you be what i can be

  Can you see it

  Chinese new year

  Clapping song


  Come on feel the music

  Copy me do

  Country sounds

  Cows in the kitchen

  Dingle dangle scarecrow

  Dinosaur dream

  Dinosaur stomp


  Do as i'm doing


  Doodles nose

  Doodles the daring

  Dot do dot

  Do the doodle dog

  Early bird

  Ein finger, ein daumen

  Elephant's back

  Elephants love a bath

  End of the rainbow

  Everybody do this


  Five bits of paper

  Five currant buns

  Five in a bed

  Five little firemen

  Five little men in a flying saucer

  Five little snowmen

  Five little soldiers


  Fly me away

  Foogly oogly bird

  Gonna build a house

  Have you ever had a cough

  Heads, shoulders, knees and toes

  Here we go loopy loo

  Here we go round the mulberry bush

  Horsey, horsey

  How do you feel today

  How many fruits

  How now brown cow

  Humpty dumpty

  Hunting for eggs

  Hunting with torches

  I am the music man

  I believe in christmas

  Ich ging einmal zur schule

  I don't like

  If the night falls down

  If you're cool

  If you're happy and you know it

  I hear thunder

  I like

  I like peace, i like quiet

  I'm a little teapot

  In the dark, dark night

  I see a boat on the water

  It all belongs to doodles

  I've got a hat

  I went to school one morning

  I went to visit a farm one day

  Jack in the box

  Jingle, jangle jungle

  Join the dance

  King of the castle

  Lazy bones

  Little donkey

  Los, kommt spielen

  Lullaby for jake

  Magic mirror


  Milo's odd socks

  Miss Polly

  Monster nosh

  Mousey brown

  My best friend

  My hair is a mess

  Never find a rhyme for orange

  Nursery rhymes

  Odd one out

  Oh, where has doodles gone

  One brick

  One finger, one thumb

  One man went to mow

  One potato, two potatoes

  One, two, three, four, five

  Open the box


  Pass the parcel

  Penguin power

  Peter rabbit's got a fly

  Planting seeds

  Polar bear dance


  Pump up a balloon

  Put your finger in the air

  Red banana

  Rhyme time

  Rhythm of the music

  Row, row, row your boat

  Sing a song of sixpence

  Sneezing atchoo

  Speckled frogs


  Ssh let's listen



  Storm tonight



  Teddy bear day

  Teddy bears picnic

  The bear went over the mountain

  The big ship

  The bottom of the ocean

  The grand old duke of york

  The hokey cokey

  There once was a mermaid

  There's going to be a birthday party

  There's something in the bin

  There's something over there

  There was a princess

  The runaway train

  The wheels on the bus

  This old man

  Tommy Thumb



  Tweenie racing

  Tweenies go round the moon

  Two fat gentlemen

  Up and down

  Wandering cowboy

  We all clap hands together

  We like being dirty

  We're going outside

  We're playing hide and seek

  We're really glad you came

  We're really glad you came 2

  We're so different

  We three kings

  What can i see

  Wiggly woo

  Will it float

  Woo woo monster

  You know you have a friend

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki