Teksty piosenek / T / Trick Daddy

  99 Problems


  Back in the Days

  Based on a true story, part 1

  Bout mine

  Bout My Money


  Bricks and marijuana

  Bricks & Marijuana

  Can't Fuck With The South

  Change My Life

  Could it Be

  Dro in da wind

  'Dro In The Wind

  For all my ladies

  For The Thugs


  Get On Up

  Gotta Let You Have It

  Have My Cheese

  Ho But You Can't Help It

  Hold On

  I'll Be Your Player

  I'll Be Your Player (Remix)

  I'm A Thug

  In da wind



  Kill Your Ass

  Living in a World

  Nann Nigga


  N word


  Rage to riches

  Rain it pours


  Run Nigga

  Shut Up

  Shut up (remix)

  Shut yo face

  Shut Yo Face (Uncle Fucka)


  Suckin Fuckin You

  Survivin the drought

  Take It To Da House

  They Don't Live Long

  Thug for Life

  Thug holiday

  Thug Life Again

  Thug Money

  Thump In The Trunk

  Tryin' to Stop Smokin'

  Walking like a hoe

  Walkin' Like a Hoe

  We got

  Where U From

  Where you from

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