Teksty piosenek / T / Tribe After Tribe


  As i went out one morning


  Ballad of Anneline K.

  Ballad of winnie


  Build a subway


  Bury me

  Cautious ground

  Come to see you fall

  Congo sky

  Dance of the wu li masters


  Drowning pieces


  Everything and more


  Here it comes

  Hold on

  Hopeless the clown

  I am your heart

  Ice below

  In the dark

  In the face of the sun


  I spit

  Just above the ice

  Just for a while


  Let's go outside

  Live of a love song

  Loud and clear

  Merry round ago

  Monkey's wedding

  Murder on the lee shore


  Out of control

  Pat on the back

  Poor Afrika

  Proud and beautyful


  Rolling stoney



  Suburb in the south

  Tabla rosa

  The mode

  The spell

  The watch

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki