Teksty piosenek / T / Treble Charger

  10th Grade Love

  American Psycho

  Another Dollar

  Brand New Low


  Can't Wake Up

  Case in Fact

  Cheat Away

  Christ Is On The Lawn

  Cleric's Hip


  Deception Made Simple


  Don't Believe It All


  Even Grable

  Ever She Flows


  Favourite Worst Enemy

  Forever Knowing

  Friend Of Mine


  Half down


  Hole In Your Head

  How She Died

  Hundred Million

  Hundred Million

  Ideal Waste Of Time

  I Don't Know

  In Your Way

  Just What They Told Me


  Left Feeling Odd

  Mercury Smile


  More's The Pity

  Motor Control

  Over My Head

  Pilot Light


  Red (nc17 version)


  Sick Friend Called



  Stupid Thing To Say

  Takes Me Down

  The First Time

  Trinity Bellwoods

  Wear Me Down

  What You Want

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