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  All I Want To Do Is Rock

  As You Are

  Baby One More Time

  Beautiful Bird

  Be My Baby

  Blue Flashing Light

  Blue flashing light (deutsche)

  Blue On A Black Weekend

  City In The Rain

  Combing My Hair

  Coming around

  Days Of Our Lives

  Dear Diary


  Driftwood (deutsche)

  Everyday Faces

  Falling Down

  Flowers In The Window

  Flowers in the window (deutsche)

  Follow The Light

  Funny Thing

  Give Me Some Truth

  Good Day To Die

  Good Feeling

  Good Time Girls

  Green Behind The Ears


  Hazy Shades Of Gold

  High As A Kite

  I Love You Anyways


  Just The Faces Change

  Killer queen

  Last Train

  Love will come through


  Luv (deutsche)

  Me Beside You

  Midsummer Nights Dreamin'

  More Than Us


  One more time

  Only Molly Knows

  Pipe Dreams

  Pipe dreams (deutsche)


  Re offender



  She's So Strange


  Side (deutsche)


  Sing (deutsche)

  Slide Show

  Standing On My Own

  The Cage

  The Connection

  The Fear

  The Humpty Dumpty Love Song

  The Last Laugh Of The Laughter

  The Line Is Fine

  The man who

  The Urge For Going

  The Weight

  Tied To The 90's


  Turn (deutsche)

  U16 Girls


  Village Man

  We Are Monkeys

  Whenever She Comes Around

  When I'm Feeling Blue (Days Of The Week)

  Where Is The Love

  Why Does It Always Rain On Me?

  Why does it always rain on me (deutsche)

  Writing To Reach You

  Yeah yeah yeah

  Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

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