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Toto - In A Word

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Stop, taking for granted
  I am the one who's wrong
  You might be surprised
  Time standin' still
  It seems like we don't belong
  You'll realize
  Start giving to me all you can
  Stop telling me girl just where I stand
  It's your turn you should show what you know to me
  One I've not heard before
  My concern you can't tell what you know to me
  You can't say it all in a word
  Life turns around
  Time not to look away
  And face what you see
  Truth shows itself
  So watch everything you say
  When you're talking to me
  You find yourself just in time
  No don't be afraid of what you'll find on the way
  [Repeat chorus]
  [Instrumental break]
  [Repeat chorus]
  No you can't say it all in one word...

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