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Toto - Blackeye

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Hey come old Blackeye
  He's looking for me again
  He's got a hard head
  He's always stinkin' of gin
  If he thinks he owns me
  He better think again
  He likes to hurt me
  He don't love me at all
  He never phones me
  He's never there when I call
  He's a low down dirty dog
  It's time I leave him that's all
  Bye bye Blackeye
  He's a low down dirty dog
  I don't need him at all
  (Hey watch what I'm saying man!?)
  Hey where you goin' Blackeye ?
  When will you win?
  You still got your shoulder holster
  You still packin' yo' little friend
  Well one thing's for certain
  You're never gonna wipe that smile off my face again
  Oh yeah

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