2 Hearts


  Afraid Of Love


  Africa (deutsche)

  After You've Gone

  All Us Boys

  A Million Miles Away


  Angel Don't Cry



  A Secret Love

  A Thousand Years

  Baby He's Your Man

  Better World



  Born yesterday

  Borrowed time

  Broken machine

  Can't Stand It Any Longer

  Can You Hear What I'm Saying


  Caught In The Balance

  Change Of Heart

  Could This Be Love


  Darkest night of the year

  Don't Chain My Heart

  Drag Him To The Roof

  Drive a crooked road


  English Eyes

  Extinction blues


  Fall into velvet


  Georgy Porgy

  Get my way

  Gift Of Faith

  Gift With A Golden Gun

  Girl Goodbye

  Goin' Home

  Goodbye Elenore

  Good for you

  Goog For You

  Gypsy Train

  Hate everything about you

  Hero with a 1.000 eyes

  High Price Of Hate

  Hight price of hate

  Hold The Line


  Home Of The Brave

  How Does It Feel

  How Many Times


  If It's The Last Night

  If You Belong To Me

  I'll Be Over You

  I'll Supply The Love

  In A Word


  I Think I Could Stand You Forever

  It looks like rain

  It's A Feeling

  I Will Remember

  I Won't Hold You Back

  Just Can't Get To You

  Kick Down The Walls

  Kingdom Of Desire

  Last Love

  Last Night



  Little Wing

  Live For Today

  Lonely beat of my heart


  Love Has The Power

  Lovers In The Night

  Mad About You

  Make Believe


  Manuela Run



  Miss Sun

  Modern Eyes

  Mr. Friendly

  Mrs. Johnson


  Mysterious Ways

  Never Enough

  Never let them see you cry

  No Love

  One Road

  Only The Children

  Only You

  On The Run

  Out Of Love


  Reservations to love

  Right Part Of Me




  She Knows The Devil

  Slipped Away

  Somewhere Tonight

  Spanish Steps of Rome

  Stay Away

  St. George And The Dragon

  Stop Loving You

  Straight For The Heart

  Stranger In Town

  Takin' It Back

  Tale Of A Man

  The bomber

  The Other End Of Time

  The Other Side

  The real truth

  The Road Goes On

  These Chains

  The Turning Point

  Till The End

  Time Is The Enemy

  Turn Back

  Turns to stone

  Twist the knife

  Waiting For Your Love

  We Can Make It Tonight

  We Made It

  White Sister

  Wings Of Time

  With a second chance

  Without Your Love

  You Are The Flower

  You Got Me

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