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Total - Spend some time

Tekst piosenki:

   Baby can we spend some time,
   But if only for one night,
   I wanna be together, I wanna be with you.
   (Repeat x2)
   Verse One:
   All of my days and nights,
   I spend dreaming of us together.
   I never realised how much of my time,
   Goes to thinking of you,
   You're all that's on my mind.
   Repeat Chorus
   Verse Two:
   I wanna talk to you,
   About the things that we can do,
   Is that alright with you?
   Can we work this out,
   I need to be sure,
   That you understand what love is all about.
   Repeat Chorus
   All my days, and all my nights,
   I wanna be with you tonight.
   Baby can we spend some time,
   I wanna be with you
   (Repeat x2)
   Repeat Chorus and Bridge to fade

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