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Total - Do you know

Tekst piosenki:

   Do you know, you put me under,
   I start to wonder, how do you know?
   How I feel when you're around me,
   I can't control it, how do you know?
   Verse One:
   Many a day goes by,
   When I'm just sitting around,
   Letting the time go by,
   There's nothing else to do, oh no,
   At least not till I found you.
   Repeat Chorus
   Verse Two:
   It feels so good to let you know,
   How I'm feeling.
   But you seem to know these things,
   You make my heart sing,
   Everytime you walk into the room.
   Repeat Chorus
   Can you really see,
   Baby what you do to me,
   How I'm feeling I just can't control it.
   Do you really know,
   How I'm feeling, does it show,
   Boy you know you really put me under.
   Repeat Chorus to fade

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