Teksty piosenek / T / Tori Amos

  1000 Oceans

  97' Bonnie & Clyde

  A case of you

  Agent orange


  Amazing grace

  Amber Waves

  Another Girl's Paradise

  A sorta fairrytale

  A Sorta Fairytale


  Baker Baker


  Beauty Queen - Horses

  Bells For Her

  Beulah land


  Black-Dove (January)

  Black swan


  Blood Roses




  Caught A Lite Sneeze


  Cloud On My Tongue



  Cool on your island

  Cornflake Girl




  Daisy dead petals


  Do it again

  Don't Make Me Come To Vegas

  Doughnut Song

  Down by the seaside

  Enjoy The Silence


  Famous blue raincoat

  Father Lucifer


  Fire on the side

  Floating city

  Flying dutchman

  Frog on my toe


  Glory of the 80

  Glory Of The 80's


  Gold Dust


  Happiness Is A Warm Gun

  Happy Phantom

  Happy worker

  Heart Of Gold

  Here in my head

  Hey Jupiter

  Home on the range




  Humpty dumpty

  Hungarian wedding

  I Can't See New York


  I Don't Like Mondays

  If 6 was 9


  I'm Not In Love

  In The Spring Time Of His Voodoo

  I wanna get back with you

  Jackie's Strength




  Liquid Diamonds

  Little Amsterdam

  Little Earthquakes

  London girls

  Losing my religion

  Love song




  Me And A Gun



  Mrs. Jesus

  Mr. Zebra

  Muhammad My Friend

  Never seen blue

  New Age

  Northern Lad

  Not The Red Baron

  Ode to the banana king

  On the boundary


  Pandora's Aquarium

  Past The Mission


  Playboy Mommy

  Precious Things

  Pretty Good Year

  Professional Widow

  Purple People

  Putting The Damage On

  Raining Blood

  Raspberry Swirl


  Real Men

  Ring my bell

  Riot Proof


  Sarah Cynthia Sylvia stout

  Scarlet's Walk

  She's Your Cocaine

  Silent All These Years


  Sister Janet

  Song for eric

  Space Dog


  Spring Haze


  Strange Little Girl



  Sweet dreams

  Sweet Sangria

  Take to the sky


  Talula (The Tornado Mix)

  Taxi Ride

  Tear In Your Hand

  Thank you

  The big picture

  The Waitress

  The Wrong Band




  Wampum Prayer

  Way Down



  Yes, Anastasia

  You go to my head

  Your Cloud

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