Teksty piosenek / T / Tonic

  Believe Me

  Bigot Sunshine

  Casual Affair

  Celtic Aggression

  Come Rest Your Head

  Count On Me (Somebody)

  Do You Know

  Drag Me Down

  Future Says Run

  Head On Straight

  If You Could Only See


  Jump Jimmy (Stronger Than Mine)

  Knock Down Walls

  Lemon Parade

  Let Me Go


  Love A Diamond

  Mean To Me


  Mr. Golden Deal

  My Old Man

  On Your Feet Again

  Open Up Your Eyes


  Ring Around Her Finger


  Soldier's Daughter



  Take Me As I Am


  Top Falls Down

  Waiting For The Light To Change

  Waltz With Me

  Wicked Soldier

  You Wanted More

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