Teksty piosenek / T / Tom Petty

  About to give out

  Accused of love

  American girl

  Angel dream

  Angel dream II

  Anything that's rock'n roll


  Baby's a rock'n roller

  Billy the Kid



  Century city

  Change the locks

  Climb that hill

  Counting on you

  Don't do me like that

  Don`t come around here no more


  Even the losers

  Fooled again

  Free fallin'

  Free girl now

  Grew up fast

  Here comes my girl

  Hometown blues

  Hope you never

  Hung up and overdue


  I don't wanna fight

  I need to know

  Into the great wide open

  Learning to fly

  Listen to her heart

  Lonesome sundown

  Louisiana rain



  Mystery man

  No more

  No second thoughts

  One more day, one more night



  Rhino skin

  Room at the top

  Shadow of a doubt

  Strangered in the night

  Supernatural radio


  The wild one forever

  This one's for me

  Too much ain't enough


  Walls II

  What are you doin in my life

  When the time comes

  Won't last long

  You're gonna get it

  You tell me

  Zero from outer space

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