Teksty piosenek / T / Tindersticks

  A marriage made in heaven

  A night in

  Another night in

  Are you trying to fall in love again

  A sweet sweet man

  Ballad of tindersticks



  Before you close your eyes


  Buried bones

  Can our love

  Can we start again

  Cherry blossoms


  City sickness


  Desperate man

  Dick's slow song

  Do not look down

  Don't ever get tired

  Drunk tank

  Dying slowly

  El diablo en el ojo

  Fast one


  If she is torn

  If you are looking for a way out

  I know that loving

  I was your man


  Let's pretend


  Milky teeth


  My sister


  Never say goodbye

  No man in the world

  No more affairs

  Paco de renaldo's dream


  People keep coming around

  Piano song

  Pretty words


  Rented rooms


  She is gone

  Sleepy song

  Snowy in minor

  Sweet release

  Talk to me

  The not knowing

  This heart of mine

  Tiny tears

  Travelling light


  Tyed tie-dye


  Whiskey and water

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