Teksty piosenek / T / Tina Arena

  Aller Plus Haut

  Any Other Love

  Be A Man

  Best For You


  Burn (Acoustic Version)

  Burn (Spanish Version)

  But I Lied



  Close To My Heart

  Dare You To Be Happy

  Elcome to my world

  Enough is enough

  Enough Is Enough (No More Tears)


  For The Sake Of Talking

  God Only Knows

  Greatest Gift

  Heaven Help My Heart

  I Believe

  If I Didn't Love You

  If I Was A River

  If You Ever

  I'll Be Here

  Images Of Love

  I'm Gone

  In Command

  I Need Your Body

  I Want To Know What Love Is

  I Want To Live With You

  I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You

  Les Trois Cloches


  Love Is The Answer

  Love's Funny That Way


  No Shame

  Not For Sale

  Now I Can Dance

  Now i can dance (Spanish)

  Now I Can Dance (Spanish Version)

  One Little Christmas Tree

  On The Line

  Romour has it

  Rumour Has It

  Segnali Di Fumo

  Show Me Heaven

  Sixteen Years

  Something's Gotta Chance

  Sorrento Moon (I Remember)

  Soul Mate #9 (Single Version)

  Soulmate No. 9


  Standing Up


  Strong As Steel

  Symphony For Life


  That's The Way A Woman Feels

  The Birds They Put In Cages

  The Bohemienne Song

  The Flame

  The Machine's Breaking Down

  The page ave Maria

  The Pagon Ave Maria

  Ti Voglio Qui

  Trust Me This Is Love

  Tu es toujours la

  Turn Up The Beat

  Unsung Hero

  Wasn't It Good

  Welcome To My World

  Whistle Down The Wind


  Woman's Work

  Wouldn't Change A Thing

  You Made Me Find Myself

  You Make Me Feel Good

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