Teksty piosenek / T / Tiamat

  25th floor

  A carres of stars

  A deeper kind of slumber

  Altar flame

  Alteration x 10

  Ancient entity

  Angels far beyond

  A pocket size sun

  Apotheosis of morbidity

  As long as you are mine

  Atlantis as a lover

  A winter shadow

  Best friend money can buy

  Brighter than the sun

  Church of Tiamat


  Cold seed

  Dead boys quire

  Do you dream of me

  Dust is our fare


  Forever burning flames

  For her pleasure


  I am in love with myself

  I am the king

  In a dream

  In the shrines of the kingly dead

  Lady Temptress


  Mountain of doom

  Mount marilyn

  Necrophagous shadows

  Nocturnal funeral

  On golden wings

  Only in my tears it lasts

  Phantasma de luxe

  Smells of incense

  Sumerian cry

  Sympathy for the devil


  The ar

  The desolate one

  The malicious paradise

  The scapegoat

  The sleeping beauty

  The southermost voyage

  The whores of babylon

  To have and to have not



  Whatever that hurts

  Where the serpents ever dwell

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