Teksty piosenek / T / Thrice

  A Living Dance Upon Dead Minds

  All Eyes

  All That's Left

  As The Ruin Falls

  A Subtle Dagger

  A Torch To End All Torches

  Betrayal Is A Symptom

  Better Days

  Blood Clots And Black Holes

  Cold Cash And Colder Hearts


  Don't Tell And We Won't Ask


  Eleanor Rigby


  Genie In A Bottle

  Hoods On Peregrine

  Identity Crisis

  In Years To Come

  In Your Hands

  I've Just Seen A Face

  Kill Me Quickly





  Paper Tigers

  Phoenix Ignition

  Second Sight

  See You In The Shallows

  Send Me An Angel


  So Strange I Remember You

  Stare At The Sun

  T & C

  T & C

  (That) Hideous Strength

  The Abolition Of Man

  The Artist In The Ambulance

  The Beltsville Crucible

  The Melting Point Of Wax

  The Red Death

  To Awake And Avenge The Dead

  To What End


  Ultra Blue

  Under A Killing Moon

  Under Par

  Unquestioned Answers

  Where Idols Once Stood

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