Teksty piosenek / T / Thin Lizzy

  Angel from the coast

  Angel of death

  Baby face

  Baby please don't go

  Bad habits

  Bad reputation

  Ballad of a hard man

  Boogie woogie dance


  Brought down

  Buffalo gal

  Call the police

  Chatting today


  Clifton grange hotel

  Cold sweat

  Cowboy song

  Dancing in the moonlight

  Dear heart

  Dear Lord

  Diddy Levine

  Didn't i

  Do anything you want to

  Don't believe a word

  Downtown sundown





  Fighting my way back

  Fight or fall

  Fool's gold

  For those who love to live

  Frankie Carroll

  Freedom song


  Get out of here

  Got to give it up

  Having a good time

  Heart attack

  Hey you


  Honesty is no excuse

  I don't want to forget how to jive

  It's getting dangerous

  It's only money



  Johnny the fox meets Jimmy the weed

  Killer on the loose

  Killer without a cause

  King's vengeance

  Leave this town

  Look what the wind blew in


  Mexican blood

  Night life

  No one told him

  Old flame

  Old moon madness

  Opium trail

  Parisienne walkways


  Randolphs tango

  Ray gun



  Return of the farmer's son


  Romeo and the lonely girl


  Running back

  Saga of the ageing orphan


  Shades of a blue orphanage


  She knows


  Silver dollar


  Slow blues

  Soldier of fortune

  Someday she is going to hit back


  Spirit slips away

  Still in love with you

  Sugar blues



  Sweet Marie

  That woman's gonna break your heart

  The Bboys are back in town

  The farmer

  The friendly ranger at clontarf castle

  The hero and the madman

  The holy war

  The pressure Will Blow

  The rise and dear

  The rocker

  The sun goes down

  Things aint working out down at the farm

  This is the one

  Thunder and lightning

  Trouble boys

  Vagabond of the western world


  We will be strong

  Whiskey in the jar

  Wild one

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