Teksty piosenek / T / The Wallflowers

  6th Avenue Heartache

  After The Blackbird Sings

  Angel On My Bike

  Another One In The Dark

  Ashes To Ashes

  Asleep At The Wheel


  Be Your Own Girl



  Closer To You

  Empire Of My Mind

  Everybody Out Of The Water

  Everything I Need

  Feels Like Summer Again

  For The Life Of Me

  God Don't Make Lonely Girls

  Hand Me Down

  Health And Hapiness

  Here In Pleasantville




  How Good It Can Get

  If You Never Got Sick

  Invisible City

  I've Been Delivered

  I Wish I Felt Nothing


  Laughing Out Loud

  Letters From The Wasteland

  Mourning Train

  Murder 101

  One Headlight

  See You When I Get There

  Shy Of The Moon

  Sidewalk Annie


  Somebody Else's Money

  Some Flowers Bloom Dead


  The Difference

  Three Marlenas

  Three Ways

  Too Late To Quit

  Up From Under

  Used To Be Lucky

  When You're On Top


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