Teksty piosenek / T / The Virus

  Already Dead

  Another Day Goes By


  Benefits Of War

  Bomb Drop

  Celebrity Gossip

  Day By Day

  Forced Into Death

  Forgotten Rebel

  Forgotten Rebel

  Full Circle


  Keep Walking

  Know It All

  Looks Like Trouble

  My Life My World

  No One Can Save You

  No Time At All

  No Time At All

  No War Can Be Won

  Nowhere To Hide

  Pull My Strings

  Rats In The City

  So Long

  Still Fighting For A Future

  Take Control


  There's Nothing Left

  The Very Last Day

  They Lie

  Throwaway Kids

  Throwaway Kids

  Time Is Now

  Today Rebellion Tomorrow Freedom


  Until We Win

  Vicious Rumors


  Who's Gonna Pay

  Working For The Company

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