Teksty piosenek / T / The Toasters

  2 Tone army


  Ain't nuthin


  Blue christmas

  Brixton beat

  Bye, bye baby

  Can i get another


  Christmas time again

  Chuck Berry



  Decision at midnight

  Devil and A 45


  Dog eat dog

  Don't blame me

  Don't come running

  Don't let the bastards

  Don't stay forever

  Don't touch crack

  Drinking song

  Dub 56

  East side beat

  Enemy of the system

  Everything you said

  Feliz navidad

  Fire in my soul



  Gimme some lovin

  God rock you steady gentleman

  Go girl

  Goody goody

  Haitrian frustration

  Happy christmas

  Hard man fe dead


  History book

  History of ska

  Ideal man

  I'm running right through the world

  I wasn't going to call you anyway

  Johnny forsake her

  Johnny go ska

  Just because

  Keep on going

  Legal shot


  Little hidden secrets


  Marlboro man

  Matt davis

  Midnight hour

  Modern world America


  Monkeys can't drink

  Naked city

  New York fever

  No respect

  Now or never

  One track mind

  Pablo's shebeen



  Radiation skank

  Razor cut


  Secrat agent man



  Skinhead stan

  Social security

  Speak your mind

  Spooky graveyard

  Sweet cherie

  Talk is cheap

  Underground town

  Walk the streets alone

  Why oh why


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