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The Stranglers - Down in the sewer

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Down in the sewer
   Picking up on a lot of empty Coca Cola cans
   And there sure are a lot of them around here.
   How did I get down here
   Well it's a long story
   I should have stayed down home out on the farm
   And kept my tootsies warm
   Instead of freezing them off down here.
   There's lots of rats down here
   You can see the whites of their eyes
   They got sharp teeth
   Deep breath, and lots of diseases
   People say you shouldn't stay down here too long
   Lose your sense of light and dark
   Lose your sense of smell
   I'll tell you what I'm gonna do
   I'm gonna make love to a water rat or two
   And breed a family
   And they'll be called the survivors
   You know why?
   Because they're gonna survive
   I'll see you in the sewer darling (and don't be late

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