Teksty piosenek / T / The Sisters Of Mercy





  Amphetamine logic



  A rock and a hard place

  Black planet

  Blood money

  Body and soul

  Body electric


  Bury me deep


  Cry little sister

  Dance on glass

  Detonation boulevard

  Doctor Jeep

  Dominion / mother Russia

  Driven like snow



  Finland red, Egypt white

  First and last and always


  Flood I

  Flood II



  Gimme shelter

  Giving ground

  Good things


  Home of the hitman

  I was wrong


  Kiss the carpet


  Lucretia my reflection




  Nine while nine

  No time to cry

  Poison door


  Rain from heaven

  Red skies disappear


  Romeo down

  Sister ray

  Some kind of stranger

  Something fast


  Temple of love

  The damage done

  The garden of delight

  This corrosion



  Under the gun


  Vision thing

  Walk away

  War on drugs


  We are the same, Susanne

  When you don't see me

  Wide reciever

  Will i dream

  You could be the one

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