Teksty piosenek / T / The Rolling Stones

  100 Years ago

  19th Nervous breakdown

  2000 Light years from home

  2000 Man

  All about you

  All down the line

  All i want is my baby

  All mixed up

  All sold out

  All the way down

  Almost hear you sigh

  Already over me

  Always suffering


  Anybody seen my baby

  Anyway you look at it

  Around and around

  As tears go by

  Baby break it down

  Back street girl

  Back to zero

  Beast of burden

  Before they make me run


  Black limousine

  Blinded by love

  Blinded by rainbows

  Blood red wine

  Blue turns to grey

  Brand new car

  Brand new set of rules

  Break the spell

  Brown sugar

  Can i get a witness

  Can you hear the music


  Casino boogie

  Chantilly lace

  Cherry oh baby

  Child of the moon



  Cocksucker blues

  Come on

  Coming down again


  Confessin the blues



  Continental drift

  Cook cook blues

  Cool calm

  Cops and Robbers


  Country honk

  Crazy mama

  Criss cross man

  Cry to me


  Dance little sister

  Dancing in the starlight

  Dancing with mr. D


  Dead flowers

  Dear doctor

  Dirty work

  Doncha bother me

  Doo doo doo doo (heartbreaker)

  Down home girl

  Down in the hole

  Down the road a piece

  Do you think i really care

  Drift away

  Each and every day of the year

  Emotional rescue

  Empty heart

  Everybody needs somebody to love

  Factory girl


  Fancyman blues

  Far away eyes

  Feel on baby


  Fiji gin

  Fingerprint file

  Flight 505

  Flip the switch

  Fool to cry

  Fortune teller

  Get off of my cloud

  Gimme shelter

  Give me your hand

  Goddess in the doorway

  God gave me everything

  Going home

  Going to a go go


  Good times

  Good times, bad times

  Good time women

  Gotta get away

  Grown up wrong



  Had it with you

  Hand of fate

  Hang fire


  Hard woman

  Harlem shuffle

  Have you seen your mother

  Heart of stone

  Hearts for sale


  Hey Negrita

  Hide away

  Hide your love

  High and dry

  High heel sneakers


  Hip shake

  Hitch hike

  Hold back

  Hold on to your hat

  Honest i do

  Honest man

  Honky tonk women

  Honky tonk women 2

  Hot stuff

  How can i stop

  How many times

  Hundred years

  I am waiting

  If you can

  If you let me

  If you need me

  If you really want to be my friend

  I get a kick out of you

  I got the blues

  I go wild

  I just want to make love to you

  In another land

  Indian girl


  It hurts me too

  It must be hell

  It should be you

  I wanna be your man

  Jig-saw puzzle

  Jivin sister fanny


  Jumping Jack flash

  Jump on top of me

  Just my imagination

  Just want to see his face

  Lady Jane

  Let it bleed

  Let it loose

  Let me go


  Like a Rolling Stone

  Little by little

  Little Queenie

  Little red rooster

  Little T

  Live with me

  Long long while

  Looking tired

  Look what you done

  Love in vain

  Love is strong

  Loving cup

  Low down

  Lucky day


  Mannish boy

  Mean disposition


  Memo from turner

  Memory hotel

  Memphis Tennessee

  Mercy mercy

  Midnight rambler

  Might as well get juiced

  Miss Amanda Jones

  Miss you

  Mixed emotions



  Monkey man

  Moon is up

  Moonlight mile

  My girl

  My obsession

  Nearness of you


  New faces

  No expectations

  No spare parts

  Not fade away

  Nothin from nothin

  No use in crying

  Off the hook

  Oh baby

  One hit (to the body)

  One more try

  On with the show

  Out of control

  Out of tears

  Out of time

  Pain in my heart

  Paint it black

  Parachute woman

  Pay your dues

  Play with fire

  Please go home

  Poison ivy

  Pretty beat up

  Prodigal son


  Rip this joint

  Rock in a hard place

  Rocks off

  Route 66

  Ruby tuesday

  Sad sad sad

  Saint of me

  Salt of the earth

  Send it to me

  Sex drive

  Shake your hips

  Shang a doo lang


  She said yeah

  She smiled sweetly

  She was hot

  Shine a light

  Short and curlies

  Silver train

  Sing this all together

  Sister morphine

  Sittin on a fence


  Sleep tonight

  Slipping away

  Some girls

  Something happened to me yesterday

  Some things just stick in your mind

  So much in love

  Soul survivor

  So young

  Sparks will fly


  Star star

  Start me up

  Stop breaking down

  Stray cat blues

  Street fighting man

  Stuck out all alone

  Stupid girl

  Suck on the jugular

  Summer romance

  Surprise, surprise

  Suzie Q


  Sweet black angel

  Sweethearts together

  Sweet Virginia

  Sympathy for the devil

  Take it or leave it

  Talkin about you

  Tell me


  That girl belongs to yesterday

  The lantern

  The last time

  The singer not the song

  The spider and the fly

  The storm

  The under assistant west coast promotion man

  The worst

  Thief in the night


  Thru and thru

  Tie you up

  Till the next goodbye

  Time is on my side

  Time waits for no one

  Too far gone

  Too much blood

  Too rude

  Too tight

  Too tough


  Torn and frayed

  Tumbling dice

  Turd on the run

  Undercover of the night

  Under my thumb

  Under the boardwalk

  Ventilator blues

  Visions of paradise

  Waiting on a friend

  Walking the dog

  Wanna hold you

  We love you

  What a shame

  When the whip comes down

  Where the boys all go

  Wild horses

  Winning ugly


  Worried about you

  You better move on

  You can make it if you try

  You got me rocking

  You gotta move

  You got the silver

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