Teksty piosenek / T / Therion


  Asphyxiate with fear

  A suburb to hell

  Baal reginon


  Beyond sanctorum

  Birth of Venus illegitima


  Black fairy

  Black sun

  Children of the damned

  Clavicula nox

  Crazy nights

  Crowning of atlantis

  Crying days

  Cults of the shadow

  Dark eternity

  Darkness Eve

  Dark princess naamah


  Emerald crown

  Enter the depth of eternal darkness

  Enter vril-ya

  Eternal return

  Evocation of vovin

  Eye of shiva

  Flesh of the gods

  Fly to the rainbow

  From the dyonisian days

  Genocidal raids



  Here comes the tears

  Illusions of life

  In the desert of set

  Into remembrance

  Invocation of naamah


  Let the new day begin


  Mark of Cain




  Morbid reality

  Morning star



  Nightside of eden

  O fortuna

  Pandamonic outbreak



  Procreation of eternity

  Raven of dispersion

  Riders of theli



  Secret of the runes

  Seven secrets of the sphinx

  Ship of luna

  Summer night city

  Symphony of the dead

  The beauty in black

  The invincible

  The return

  The rise of sodom and gomarrah

  The veil of golden spheres

  The way

  The wild hunt

  The wings of the hydra


  Time shall tell

  To mega Therion

  Tyrants of the damned

  Under Jolly Roger


  Wine of aluqah

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