The Rasmus - P.S.

Tekst piosenki:

My big sister is best of all sisters in the world.
   She says enjoying of the life is the main thing.
   I agree with her.
   She´s standing by me when I´ve got hard times,
   I like about her precense.
   Even if I fight with her sometimes it´s pretty easy to make friends.
   I´m sorry about all, I make apology.
   I confess that I was wrong.
   You have your reasons to get angry to me,
   but if you won´t be I´m asking you to be my friend.
   My big sister is the foolest, dumbest girl I´ve ever seen.
   She is so selfish, irritating, don´t you see what I mean.
   She is a target of my hate ´n´ hate is growing every day.
   I will get rid of her ´n´ price won´t matter, I will find the way.

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