The Rasmus - Playboys

Tekst piosenki:

As you might know my father is a rich man,
   his father was rich, I´m gonna be a rich man too,
   oh yeah! Right now my job is to have fun,
   but whatever I want, just be with my girl, it´s such fun,
   you know.
   I guess you don´t
   'cos your daddy ain't driving a rolls royce,
   n' your family ain't famous after all.
   I flush my money down the toilet, if it is the best choice.
   Nothing is my problem see...
   I don´t have to pay my bills, right?
   I don´t have to get a job.
   I don't have to train my skills, right?
   'cos I will never be poor.
   What would you do, if you had my money?
   You wouldn't go to school, you wouldn't get a job, like me.
   You'd just hang around.
   You would go partys where all rich people meet,
   where the people are having fun, yeah,
   such fun, you know.

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