The Rasmus - Kola

Tekst piosenki:

Yes, yes, yes, things're gonna be fine,
   when the sky is my cover, a big yellow ball. The Sun is my lover.
   I take my skateboard n' my good feeling with me,
   I'm heading to a place where I can get the sun on my face.
   I'm leaving my house n' my mouse n' all my stuff 'cos I've had enough, yeah!
   I just wanna be close to the sun that's all folks. I wanna burn my skin in the heat,
   I wanna be bare-footed my throat feels dry, n' I cannot speak. No matter how much I try.
   Of this moment I'm learning that I'd better stay cool to relax.
   Kola with ice could be nice, come n' get it!
   Kola! It's a fact that I need it.
   Wellwellwell, it's hot like hell, ya. I kick off my shoes, yeah I'll
   survive without my shoes.
   Back to the fact. I ain't turning back yeah. I'm looking for a kola.
   I'll open up the can, can. Gonna drink it down, down.
   I'm in the middle of the desert now. Go to the shop said a boy take a left from the corner
   I'm gonna make a list, what I'm gonna order.
   How can I get to the shop in this heat when the street under my feet is burning?
   Of this moment I'm learning, that I better stay cool to avoid the burning.

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