Teksty piosenek / T / Therapy

  30 Seconds



  A moment of clarity

  Animal bones

  Bad mother

  Black eye, purple sky

  Body bag girl

  Born too soon

  Bowels of love


  Breakin' the law

  Church of noise


  Dancin' with manson

  Deep sleep


  Die laughing


  Don't expect roses

  Endless psychology


  Fantasy bag


  Gimme back my brain

  God kicks


  Hate kill destroy

  Heaven's gate


  He's not that kind of girl

  Hey Satan - you rock


  I am the money

  If it kills me

  Innocent X


  Jam jar jail


  Jude the obscene


  Last blast


  Little tongues first

  Lonely, cryin', only


  Loser cop

  Lunacy booth

  Meat abstract

  Me vs, you


  My Voodoo doll


  Neck freak

  Nobody here but us

  Not in any name


  Other people's misery

  Our love must die


  Potato junkie

  Prison breaker

  Punishment kiss




  Shit kicker

  Six mile water

  Skinning Pit


  Stand in line

  Stay happy

  Stop it you're killing me


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