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The Proclaimers - Letter from America

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When you go will you send back
   A letter from America?
   Take a look up the railtrack
   From Miami to Canada
   Broke off from my work the other day
   I spent the evening thinking about
   All the blood that flowed away
   Across the ocean to the second chance
   I wonder how it got on when it reached the promised land?
   I've looked at the ocean
   Tried hard to imagine
   The way you felt the day you sailed
   From Wester Ross to Nova Scotia
   We should have held you
   We should have told you
   But you know our sense of timing
   We always wait too long
   lochaber no more
   Sutherland no more
   Lewis no more
   Skye no more...... etc
   I wonder my blood
   Will you ever return
   To help us kick the life back
   To a dying mutual friend
   Do we not love her?
   Do we not say we love her?
   Do we have to roam the world
   To prove how much it hurts?
   Bathgate no more
   Linwood no more
   Methil no more
   Irvine no more.

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