Teksty piosenek / T / The Proclaimers

  A long long long time ago

  Beautiful truth

  Cap in hand

  Come on nature

  Don't turn out like your mother

  Follow the money

  Hit the highway

  I'm gonna be

  I'm on my way

  It broke my heart

  It's saturday night

  I want to be a christian

  I would walk 500 miles

  Let's get married

  Letter from America

  Make my heart fly

  Oh Jean

  Over and done with


  Shout shout

  Sky takes the soul

  Sunshine on leith


  The first attack

  The joyful kilmarnock blues

  The light

  The more i believe

  Then i met you

  The part that really matters

  These arms of mine

  Throw the R away

  What do you do

  What makes you cry

  Your childhood

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