Teksty piosenek / T / The Pixies

  Alec eiffel


  All over the world


  Bird dream of the olympus mons


  Blown away

  Bone machine

  Born in Chicago

  Break my body

  Brick is red

  Broken face

  Build high



  Corazon de diablo

  Crackity Jones

  Dancing the manta ray



  Dig for fire

  Distance equals rate times time

  Down to the well

  Ed is dead

  Evil hearted you

  Evil hearted you (eng)


  Gouge away

  Hang on to your ego

  Hang wire


  Head on

  Here comes your man


  Hey (deutsche)

  In heaven

  Into the white

  Isla de encanta

  Isla de encanta (eng)

  Is she weird

  La la love you

  Letter to Memphis

  Levitate me

  Lovely day

  Make believe

  Manta ray

  Monkey gone to heaven

  Motorway to Roswell

  Mr. Grieves

  Number 13 baby

  Oh my golly

  Oh my golly (eng)

  Palace of the brine

  Planet of sound

  River Euphrates

  Rock a my soul

  Rock music



  Something against you




  The happening

  The holiday song

  The navajo know

  The sad punk

  The thing

  Trompe le monde



  Vamos (eng)


  Wave of mutilation (Uk surf)

  Weird at my school

  Where is my mind


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