Teksty piosenek / T / The New Amsterdams

  Adeline Out Of Tune

  All Ears

  All Our Vice / Clandestine

  Are You True?

  Asleep At The Wheel

  Drama Queen

  Every Double Life

  Forever Leaving

  Four More Years

  From California


  Hanging On For Hope

  Hover Near Fame


  I Won't Run Away

  Lonely Hearts

  Losing You

  Make Me Change My Mind

  My Old Man Had A Pistol

  Never Treat Others

  Picture In The Paper

  Poison In The Ink

  Proceed With Caution

  Slow Down

  Son Of A Prophet

  Stay On The Phone

  That Side Of Me

  The Smoking Gun

  The Spoils Of The Spoiled

  When We Two Parted

  Worse For The Wear


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