Teksty piosenek / T / The Nerve Agents

  A Sad History

  Bitter Seed

  Black Sheep

  But I Might Die Tonight

  Carpe Diem


  Days Of The White Owl

  Dead Man Walking


  Fall Of The All-American


  I Keep Screaming

  Jekyll And Hyde

  Just A Visual

  Level 4 Outbreak

  Madam Butterfly

  Metal Pig

  New Jersey

  Next In Line

  Off Come The Blindfolds

  Oh, Ghost of Mine

  Out On The Farm

  Planet Frankenstein



  Princess Jasmine of Tinseltown

  Share The Pain

  So, Very Avoidable

  Starting Point

  Sufferagette City

  The Invincible

  The Legend Of H. Gane Ciro

  The Poisoning

  The Vice Of Mrs. Grossly

  The War's Not Over


  War Against!

  What Then?

  Your Warning

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