Teksty piosenek / T / The Living End

  10:15 Saturday Night

  All Torn Down

  Astoria Paranoia

  Blood On Your Hands

  Bloody Mary

  Carry Me Home

  Dirty Man

  Don't Shut The Gate

  English Army

  Fly Away

  From Here On In

  Growing Up (Falling Down)

  Have They Forgotten


  I've Just Seen A Face

  I Want A Day

  Killing The Right

  Living in Sin

  Lone Ranger

  Misspent Youth


  Mr Businessman

  One More Cell

  One Said To The Other

  Pictures In The Mirror

  Prisoner of Society

  Prisoner On the Inside


  Read About It


  Revolution Regained

  Riot On Broadway

  Roll On

  Save the Day

  Second Solution

  Silent Victory

  Sleep On It

  So Lonely

  Staring At The Light

  Stay Away From Me


  Sunday, Bloody Sunday

  Tabletop Show

  Tainted Love

  The Living End

  The Man With No Name

  There Is No Radio

  Trace of Doubt

  Train Kept A-Rollin'


  Uncle Harry

  West End Riot

  What Would You Do

  Witch Doctor

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