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The Kinks - Preservation

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Once upon a time
   In a faraway land
   Lived a villain called Flash
   He was such a wicked man
   He terrorized the people
   He broke arms and crushed hands
   He ruled with a fist and he purchased all the land
   Then he plowed up the fields and cut down the trees
   For property speculation
   And he did it all for a pot of gold
   And for his own preservation
   The people were scared
   They didn't know where to turn
   They couldn't see any salvation
   From the hoods and the spivs
   And the crooked politicians
   Who were cheating and lying to the nation
   Save the fields and the trees
   And give them back to the nation
   Bring the government down
   A new leader must be found
   For the sake of preservation
   He said he did it to help us all
   And did it for the good of the nation
   But he did it for a pot of gold
   And for his own preservation
   When money is evil
   And power is corrupt
   The devil moves in and takes over
   Mr. Flash broke his word
   And now he's got to pay
   For his crimes and his lies and his evil ways
   And it's gonna get rough
   And it's gonna get rough
   It's a crime and a sin that no one can win
   In a story of self preservation

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