Teksty piosenek / T / The Gathering


  A life all mine


  Analog park

  Another day

  Anthology in black

  A passage to desire

  Bad movie scence

  Black light district

  Broken glass

  Colorado incident





  Even the spirits are afraid

  Fear the sea


  Gaya's dream

  Golden grounds

  Great ocean road

  Heartbeat amplifier

  Herbal movement

  Her last flight


  In motion

  In motion 2

  In power we entrust the love advocated

  In sickness and healt


  Kevin's telescope

  King for a day


  Liberty Bell

  Life is what you make it

  Like fountains

  Locked away



  Morphia's waltz

  My electricity

  New moon, different day

  Nighttime birds

  Nobody dares

  On a wave

  On most surfaces

  Probably built in the fifties


  Red is a slow colour

  Rescue me


  Sand and Mercury


  Second sunrise

  Share the wisdom

  Shot to pieces


  Six dead, three to go



  Strange machines


  The big sleep

  The blue vessel

  The earth is my witness

  The may song

  The mirror waters

  These good people

  The sky people

  Third chance


  We just stopped breathing

  When the sun hits

  You learn about it

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