Teksty piosenek / T / The Damned

  13th Floor Vendetta (His Masters Delight)

  1 Of The 2



  Alone Again Or




  Bad Time For Bonzo

  Beauty Of The Beast

  Billy Bad Breaks

  Born To Kill


  Creep (You Can't Fool Me)

  Curtain Call


  Disco Man

  Don't Bother Me

  Don't Cry Wolf

  Dozen Girls

  Drinking About My Baby

  Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde

  Edward The Bear

  End Of Time

  Fan Club

  Feel The Pain




  Grimly Fiendish

  Gun Fury

  History Of The World, Part I

  Hit Or Miss

  Idiot Box

  I Fall

  I Feel Alright


  I Just Can't Be Happy Today

  In Dulce Decorum

  Is It A Dream

  Jet Boy, Jet Girl


  Life Goes On

  Lively Arts

  Looking At You

  Looking For Action

  Love Song

  Machine Gun Etiquette

  Melody Lee

  Neat Neat Neat


  New Rose

  Noise Noise Noise


  One Way Love

  Plan 9 Channel 7


  Problem Child



  Sanctum Sanctorum

  See Her Tonite


  Sick Of This And That

  Silly Kids Games

  Smash It Up

  So Messed Up


  Stab Yor Back

  Stranger On The Town

  Street Of Dreams

  Stretcher Case

  The Dog

  The Eight Day

  The Girl Goes Down

  The Limit Club

  The Pleasure And The Pain


  There'll Come A Day

  These Hands

  The Shadow Of Love

  Thrill Kill

  Tightrope Walk

  Twisted Nerve

  Under The Floor Again

  Wait For The Blackout

  Would You Be So Hot (If You Weren't Dead)

  You Know

  Your Eyes

  You Take My Money

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