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The Contingency Plan - The Last Of My Letters

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Dear Friend,
  I'm writing you this letter
  Cause I heard you love some other guy
  All alone, I sit at home and wonder
  Why you ever left without a last goodbye
  I unwrapped the barbed wire
  From around my heart and the walls eroded
  But now I'm drowning in my blood
  Cause when you left me, my heart exploded
  So I wrote it down, I wrote it off
  Apologies are not enough
  On your front step, I left it there
  For you to find sealed with a tear
  Remember those nights?
  Fell asleep at ocean side
  Cause you weren't lying next to me
  And I guess you never will
  What if I died tonight?
  To heaven with a knife
  Cause I'm not lying to you
  And I guess I never will
  So friend, remember me tomorrow
  And when we wrote our names up in the tree
  Those days are leaving me to wonder
  How you fell in love with him but never me
  So now you're leaving with him
  My own vacation is more the permanent kind
  While you're in the sunshine
  I'm in purgatory having the time of my life
  One more deep breath, I'll leave you now
  I'm sorry that this letters how
  I told you what I always felt
  The suns out now and my heart might melt
  Don't go, I need you more than ever
  I'll love you always and forever
  Thanks to Tony Diassio (youhead@aol.com) for these lyrics

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