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The Contingency Plan - Microwave Burrito

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Now that I'm all alone
  I'll have some time to think
  I'm just going to sit at home
  Until I get back on my feet
  It made me think of something
  Now that you are gone
  That I don't want to be something
  If you're moving on
  I hope that you're happy
  Where ever you're going
  Just know you're not alone
  Remember I'm lonely
  Remember to write me
  Or call me at home
  Realized I can't live without you
  I'm not going to lie
  When you had gone away
  I started to cry
  Now it kills me to see you
  With that other guy
  Eating a microwave burrito
  With tears in my eyes
  We'd go skating all day
  And just talk all night
  And I would call you to play
  And those days were nice
  We were the best of friends
  In fact, we had never kissed
  This guy has come between us
  And now those days are missed
  I know what you're thinking
  Just know that I'm wishing
  To hold you again
  You'll forget about that guy
  And then you'll know why
  I'd like to pretend
  If I had moved much faster
  Would I still stand a chance
  And now this disaster
  Would be in the past
  We could make out to a song
  San Dimas was always gold
  You know I loved to so long
  Just wish that you were told
  I'd be holding your hand
  And we'd make our own plans
  We could go on a date
  They'd all stop and stare
  My hands through your hair
  When we go out to eat
  I don't want to let you go away
  Thanks to stupidguy182@hotmail.com for these lyrics

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