Teksty piosenek / T / The Busters

  3 Minutes

  Allora ragazzi

  Beast of the night


  Behind your door

  Birthday song


  Come on

  Couch potatoes

  Dead or alive

  Demasiada estimulacion

  Dinner for one

  Don't go searchin' for luck

  Don't worry, be happy

  Do what you want

  Easy come, easy go

  Enjoy yourself


  Every night

  Figs for a meal


  Go below

  Hanging out with the boys

  Having a good time

  Is this the way

  I want to break your heart

  Joe king


  Let's talk about

  Liebe macht blind

  Like this

  Love at first sight

  Make a move

  Make up my mind

  Mickey Mouse in Moscow


  My girl

  No doubt

  No risk, no fun

  Opposites attract

  Prince in disguise

  Rivers of Babylon

  Ruder than rude

  Rude vibrations

  She's a beauty

  Six beers and rocksteady music

  Skank down

  Sleep away the rainy days

  Someone else



  The good go to heaven

  The piper

  The rule of having fun

  Thinkin' of you

  Too much stimulation

  Ubangi stomp


  Wish you were here

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